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INSEL manufactures three types of fuse links for high tension based on: K,T,H response time and... Connectors are manufactured: with grooves, ground connectors for copper cable to rod, permagrip...
Our compression connectors are made with alloy of aluminium, high electrical conductivity and mechanical... The current limiting fuse (center bolt to center bolt terminals) can be used at the transformers exit ,....
Insel is a manufacturing and commercializing company, of fuse links and electrical connectors of low, medium and high tension, with Venezuelan technology and international certification ISO9001: 2000.

INSEL is a company, staffed by and with Venezuelan technology, interested in exchanging and generating information. The company keeps an open doors policy to individuals or related industries in need of inducting or training individuals and companies users of our AICA brand name products; At INSEL we are looking forward to sharing and generating feedback on results from our products behavior in the field and to propose improvements oriented to yield better outcomes. Likewise, we are willing to share knowledge acquired throughout the years, in areas such as:


INSEL is a Venezuelan company managed by young professionals dedicated to the Electrical Engineering field, where, with the use of owned developed local technology…
Know our capacity for the production of material AICA brand name used in the electrical industry and compare with other companies of the market.
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