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INSEL (Engineering and Electrical Supplies, Inc.) was founded on Feb. 14, 1984 in Barquisimeto, Lara State as an initiative of engineers Hector and Alicia Rodriguez, being its main objective the manufacturing and sales of electric supplies for high tension transmission lines, with the use of Venezuelan technology.

By september 1st, 1986 it opens its factory to manufacture connectors and electrical fuses in Zona Industrial La Mata, 5th Avenue between 8th and 9th streets Cabudare, Lara State. It started producing fuse plates followed by electrical connectors. Our brand name ANGUILA INTERNATIONAL C. A. (AICA) identifies INSEL products, which are built using our own developed technology.

Among its main clients are ENELVEN (Energía Eléctrica de Venezuela), ENELBAR (Energía Eléctrica de Barquisimeto) and CADAFE (C. A., Administración y Fomento Eléctrico). It also supplies the national market and exports electrical supplies to Ecuador and the Caribbean.

Then in 1995, INSEL introduced a quality assurance policy, under DEMING philosophy, oriented to establish all measures in personnel training and manufacturing controls in order to guarantee a high quality performance for its products in the national and international markets.

In 2002, INSEL obtained its ISO 9001 - 2000 standard certification by BUREAU VERITAS, an International Certifier Organization.

From the beginning, technology has guided us in our day to day activities without interfering with the political, social, legal and environmental legal framework. Hence, we feel proud of keeping up to our former goal of producing high quality products at competitive prices. INSEL is and will be a 100% Venezuelan enterprise, both in investment and human capital oriented to provide the market with its own developed line of products and/or to adapt them to local technology.

“INSEL as a manufacturer of fuse links, connectors and high, medium and low tension electrical devices has taken on the commitment of supplying high quality products to its clients at the lowest cost possible; all within the programmed schedule, and supported by the client’s suggestions and technical specifications for the designs in order to meet their needs. To obtain these results we have created an atmosphere, where to maximize creativity, compromise and the potential of our work force, as well as selecting our suppliers -identified with our vision- and checking their production process as a means to increase their efficiency, all together, to guarantee high quality products” (REVISION 1- APRIL 2002)

"In INSEL Engineering and Electrical Supplies, Inc- we supply the best product in the field of protection and high and low tension connections in the worldwide markets, thus offering our clients security and reliability. We are perceived as a first world company" (REVISION 1- ABRIL 2002)

"To deliver our clients a line of products with optimum quality, at the lowest price that will make possible to guarantee the company's presence in time, an economic and labor stability and a return in the investment." (REVISION 1- ABRIL 2002)

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